Fica a primeira review dos travões Shimano XT M785.

Estes travões foram beber a tecnologia da Shimano disponível nos XTR, colocando-a a um preço bastante mais convidativo ;)

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Shimano’s new XT M785 brakes are possibly the best brakes from Shimano that we’ve ever ridden. They combine almost all of the features of the M985 XTR Trail brakes — Servo-Wave lever design, calipers with oversized ceramic pistons, Ice Tech rotors and cooling-fin equipped brake pads — at a much more economical price and only slightly higher weight. Those needing to upgrade their brakes should definitely add these to their shortlist.

Ride performance

We tested the M785s with finned Ice Tech pads and a 180mm front /160mm rear rotor combination on a 140mm-travel trail bike. After a short break-in period, it became immediately apparent that these new XT brakes are something special.

Power is second to no other trail brake we’ve used, while modulation is also very good. The brakes’ high power requires a light touch, which takes a little bit of getting used to, but they’re not too grabby. Even on long, fast descents, braking requires only one finger. The system seems so good that those concerned with weight, or lighter riders, will be able to get away with a smaller front rotor, even on a trail bike.

The ice tech brake pads with cooling fins are said to cap brake temperature, which offers more consistent feel and better pad life:

The XT brake is available with or without cooling fins on its pads, but after riding with them, we’d say they’re worth the slight bit of extra weight

Our test system was equipped with all of Shimano’s heat management bells and whistles—Ice Tech cooling fin equipped rotors and alloy core rotors—which kept their feel smooth and very consistent. With other brakes we find ourselves constantly messing around with the freestroke or pad contact adjustments and the lever reach adjustments while riding—if they are tool-free—yet with the new XTs we set them and forgot about them because the feel stayed exactly as originally adjusted.

We were thoroughly impressed by shimano's xt brake; it offers xtr trail performance without the price and only a slight weight penalty:

The new brake features tool-free reach and tooled freestroke adjustments along with Shimano’s new ‘One-Way’ bleeding

The levers are easily adjustable for reach and fit a variety of hand sizes, while the tooled free stroke (pad contact) adjustment is more precise than on the previous XT M770 brake. Based on our initial testing, these brakes warrant BikeRadar’s highest five-star rating. However, we feel it’s prudent to reserve that award until we’ve spent more time on them.

Fit and finish

The new XT M785 lever mirrors the XTR Trail lever that Shimano introduced last year. The first change most will notice is the swap from a radial master cylinder to a barrel-type inline reservoir. This offers better oil flow and Shimano’s One-Way Bleed process, which is said to be quicker and more consistent than the old system. The lever is Ispec compatible, meaning that the clamshell-type handlebar clamp can also be used to mount your shifters.

The new xt brake serves to 'launch' shimano's first 6-bolt ice tech rotors:

The new XT brake serves to ‘launch’ Shimano’s first 6-bolt Ice Tech rotors

The increase in power over the M770 brake is down to three factors: the two-piece calliper with 22mm ceramic pistons, the Ice Tech cooling-fin pads and the three-layer (stainless steel-aluminum-stainless steel) braking surface found on the two-piece rotor. Unlike the original XTR Ice Tech rotor, the XT version will be available in IS six-bolt as well as Center Lock versions. Shimano offer two color options for the new brake: the pictured matte black anodized with chrome highlights or muted satin silver.

Even the weight is competitive, at a claimed 375g per wheel when equipped with a 160mm rotor and standard pads. While the US$209.99 package price ($159.99 per wheel for lever, caliper, line and pads, plus $49.99 per rotor, regardless of size) can’t be considered cheap, it’s good considering the performance the brake offers.

Manufacturers description

The Servo-Wave Deore XT hydraulic disc brakes continue to borrow from the features developed for XTR that provide huge leaps in braking and control. The new compact caliper with oversized 22mm ceramic pistons is combined with a lightweight lever for a brake that lighter yet packs 25% greater braking power when the ICE Technologies brake pads and rotor. The rotors have been proven to reduce temperatures of the rotor as much as 100% over a standard all steel rotor, and will be available in a 6-bolt pattern as well as the Shimano innovated Center Lock. Mechanics will appreciate the integration of the same one-way bleed that debuted on XTR last year.

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