Reba RLT 120mm

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Uma suspensão a ter em conta em futuras aquisições …

RockShox Reba RLT Ti 120mm suspension fork

The Reba was updated with a 20mm Maxle axle, power bulged and post-mounted brake lowers a while ago, which makes it one of the stiffest steering and braking 120mm forks available. It’s not light and there’s no 15mm axle option so you’re restricted to a generally heavier range of wheels unless you go quick-release and give up stiffness.

It can be shimmed down to 100mm or 80mm of travel, and dual positive and negative air chambers let you set up the initial stroke as plush or as tight as you want. The BlackBox damping in the RLT Ti version is good too, with the titanium damper body giving more oil volume and shimmed big hit control.

Add in the chassis stiffness and this is a fork that proves its mettle by being pushed hard through the most testing sections that most longer-travel forks would faint at. RockShox’s remote lockouts are the most ergonomically efficient and their reliability reputation is excellent.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.


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