Bicla com olhos!

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Descobri mais uma invençaõ que serviria a alguns que eu conheço ;)

Uma bicla com camaras e display para veres o que se passa atrás de ti … muito interessante …

This Bike Has Eyes In the Back of Its Treads

This Bike Has Eyes In the Back of Its TreadsThis gorgeous bike not only turns heads, it makes sure you don’t have to turn yours. Because hidden away in its seat-stays lurks a rear-view camera that continuously records what’s behind you.

Not only can you watch your tail with the Cervellum Hindsight in real-time via a 3.5-inch, handlebar-mounted LCD monitor, the camera also registers when there’s a crash, continuing to record for ten seconds. Anyone who’s ever been clipped in a hit and run now has access to hard evidence.

Now for some good news/bad news. The bad news is that the actual bike shown above is just a concept from Evan Solida’s Rael. But far outweighing that minor inconvenience is that the Cervellum Hindsight is an actual product! One that’s going to be on sale, well, sometime, hopefully, maybe. Price and date are still TBD. But a soon as it’s available, you can bet I’m gonna be sizing it up for my tandem bike collection.

Original aqui.

A BlackTrail BT-01 seria a bicicleta electrica de sonho de qualquer rider não fossem os $80.000 qu custa… o que os Alemães nos fazem …

Vale a pena ver o video …

When Germany’s PG-Bikes sets out to build a cruiser, it doesn’t mess around — the contraption above may look like an electric bike, but when it goes on sale in the US this year, you may have to register it as a motorcycle. Constructed of lightweight carbon fiber, aerospace aluminum, titanium and magnesium, the BlackTrail BT-01 travels up to 65MPH with a 1.2 kilowatt motor embedded in its 44 pound frame, and can carry you across 120 miles on a single 2.5-hour charge of the leather-clad 17Ah Li-ion battery pack. Of course, those sorts of numbers don’t come cheap — the company’s marketing it to the likes of West Coast Customs, The Sharper Image and a vehicle enthusiast named Jay Leno — and each of the 667 limited pieces will cost $80,000, the better part of a Tesla Roadster and far beyond a Brammo. Still, if anyone has an offshore bank account they care to donate, we call dibs on 666 — the number of the beast. Video after the break.

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