Para quem ainda não conhece, fica a dica!

Trata-se de um adaptador para iPhone que permite ler e registar os dados de todos os sensores ANT+ que tenhas na tua bicla!

Desta forma podes tirar partido dos sensores da Garmin em que já investiste e usares Apps como o Fisica, o Endomondo ou o Runkeeper pro para seguires os teus treinos e a tua evolução. Podes ainda partilhar no Facebook todo o esforço de preparação de forma simples e prática.

Conto escrever mais um pouco sobre estas aplicações em breve aqui no

Wahoo Fitness takes the Apple iPhone to another level as a high-end training tool, by making it work with the ANT+ wireless protocol. This means that with the small ‘dongle’ inserted, the phone can pick up data from almost all top-end cycling and fitness gadgets.

This includes the heart rate, cadence and speed sensors made for Garmin’s GPS bike computer range, PowerTap and SRM power meters, and Nike’s running sensors. To showcase the data you can collect, Wahoo Fitness have their own free app called Fisica Fitness, and we tested this on a 3G iPhone with both Wahoo’s own speed and cadence sensor and HR strap, and the same devices from Garmin.

It worked seamlessly with all of them, and a PowerTap hub, thus marrying up Garmin Edge-like data collection and display to a seemingly endless supply of third-party apps. The full bike pack, which includes the cadence/speed sensor, HR strap and a weatherproof sensor case with dongle, will soon be available for about £150.

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Pioneer = Ciclocomputador Android!

On 2011-01-17, in Blog, by Tigas

Imaginem o meu espanto com esta notícia … a Pioneer está a desenvolver um ciclocomputador… baseado em Android!

As possibilidades são imensas portanto, navegação, processamento avançado de sinais com informação online ao ciclista, correcção de pedalada, melhor doseamento de esforço…

E como suporta Ant+ não vamos ter de deitar fora todo o nosso investimento em sensores o que ainda melhora as coisas :)

Fiquem com a notícia e veja o video que vale a pena…

Pioneer engineers Android-powered cyclocomputer, might remind Landis to stop doping

Think Android has reached its limit when it comes to applications? Think again. Pioneer has conjured up a new cyclocomputer, and compared to the antediluvian rivals available on the market today, this one looks like a bona fide supercomputer. It’s designed for mounting on the bike’s handlebars, where riders can then see speed, cadence, heart rate, and power at a glance. The device is engineered to play nice with the ANT+ wireless specification, and it can also pull data from optional crank sensors that can be installed to monitor one’s pedaling force. Furthermore, it’s equipped with GPS, and we’re guessing it’s a prime candidate for running Google’s own My Tracks app. There’s no time table for release, but we’re guessing the International Cycling Union will have one out in no time… one that continuously tests riders for illicit substances, of course. Video’s after the break, if you’re down for more.

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